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Suicide Deaths by Age Range, Onondaga County, 2017-2021
Age Range Percent
19 years and under 5.8%
20-29 years 17.4%
30-39 year 17.0%
40-49 year 19.2%
50-59 year 17.8%
60-69 year 13.0%
70-79 year 6.9%
80-89 year 2.9%
90+ year 0.0%

Onondaga County Stats & Facts

Suicide Statistics for Onondaga County
The Onondaga County Health Department is in the process of developing a suicide website that will feature some demographic breakdowns by multiple years. We will let you know when that is published. In the meantime, please see the table below for suicide deaths in Onondaga County, as reported by the Onondaga County Medical Examiner’s Office, from 2017-2021. Also included is the breakdown by age and gender for the same time period.
Year Suicide Death
2017 41
2018 59
2019 68
2020 45
2021 63


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