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Onondaga County Suicide Prevention Coalition

The Onondaga County Suicide Prevention Coalition (OCSPC) is a collaboration of stakeholders devoted to creating a suicide safe community. Our mission is to link our community with suicide prevention resources to reduce stigma, promote help-seeking, and save lives.

Suicide: Common Misconceptions

Suicide affects everyone – in all demographics – and is a growing public health crisis. Myths and misconceptions associated with mental health and suicide can cause a major barrier to one seeking help for themselves and/or their loved ones.

How can you help someone who is struggling?

Ask them

Ask the at-risk person if they are having thoughts of suicide. Acknowledging and talking about suicide reduces rather than increases suicidal thoughts.

Keep them safe

Determine if the at-risk person has suicide intent with a specific plan. Removing, disabling, or restricting the lethal means (ie. firearms, medications) can make a difference.

Help them connect
Help make a connection with a trusted individual like a family member, friend, spiritual advisor, or mental health professional.
Stay connected
Staying in touch after a crisis or after being discharged from care can make a difference. Studies have shown that suicide risk decreases when someone follows up with the at-risk person.
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